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Windscreen Replacements

Reasons to Replace Your Cracked Windscreen

1. In an accident your windshield prevents you from being ejected.

Your cracked windscreen exposes the laminate that joins the layers of glass in the windshield, resulting in delaminating which affects the structural integrity of a vehicle. Should you be involved in an accident, your windscreen acts as a barrier keeping you and your passengers inside the vehicle. A passenger ejected from a car is more likely to experience a serious or fatal injury

2. Your windscreen acts as a "backstop" for your passenger side air bags.

With airbags deploying as fast as 320km/h, as your passenger side airbag inflates upward and bounces off the windscreen, a cracked windscreen will not be able to absorb the force which will result in your passengers being injured from an airbag that won't function correctly or being ejected from the vehicle.

3. Your car's roof is supported by your windscreen.

A cracked windscreen will fail to support the roof in the event of your car flipping over or rolling. The automotive windshield is designed to provide up to 70% of the structural integrity preventing the roof from crushing you and your passengers.

4. To have a clear view of the road and obstacles in front of you.

You should always have a clear view of the road in front of you when driving. A cracked windscreen obscures your line of vision and prevents you from acting swiftly to road hazards.

Don't be a danger to your family and other road users, replace your windscreen. TYRES & MORE ® will provide a competitive quote on your windscreen replacement. Insurance claims, fleet accounts and cash customers are all welcome. Call us today!