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Wheels for Your Car

Upsizing and Downsizing Your Wheels

Want to pimp your ride by upsizing or improve petrol consumption by downsizing? It’s not as easy as picking the first wheels that grab your fancy. The outside diameter of the factory-fitted wheel and tyre package has an actual bearing on the settings of your speedo, odometer, gearing, torque and traction control settings. These are all calibrated based on one complete revolution of the original wheel and tyre package.

So if wheel diameter is going up, tyre diameter must come down. Of course it’s not that simple and there’s a mind-numbingly complicated formula to calculate this, but to keep your head from exploding, come to TYRES & MORE ® and let us do the math.

Damaged Wheels

If you’ve been driving with under-inflated tyres or have hit a pothole at speed, dinged a kerb or ramped a pavement, chances are you’ve damaged your wheel and should let us check it out right away. Whether you’ve bent it, buckled it or cracked it, it is now the number one risk to your safety on the road. Even if there isn’t any obvious vibration through the steering, have it inspected before it causes damage to your tyre or worse still, comes apart while driving.