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Wheel Repairs

TYRES & MORE® has partnered with Wheel Collision to launch Wheel Collision Express Rim Repair. These facilities allow for technicians to assess wheel damage with an X-Ray machine and repair bucked rim.  Chat to our sales team to locate the nearest Express facility.

Wheel Collision Express Rim Repair centres, fix and straighten your wheels while you wait, however full wheel refurbishments are completed at Wheel Collision Branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Fortunately, obtaining that showroom shine without the price tag is easy with TYRES & MORE®. Our extensive and affordable wheel repair services ensure that your vehicle stays safe and looking smart years after you bought it.

No Job Too Dirty

Whether you’ve scraped your alloys on a curb, buckled your rims, we’re equipped to deal with the situation. In fact, we’ve gone the extra length to boost our performance, even more, enabling us to deliver top-quality results to you, every time.

Our services include:

  • Wheel Straightening – Using hydraulic machines, we can return your rims to their original 360-degree circumferences.
  • Remanufacturing – When your wheels are between phases, i.e. not yet a hazard but not in the best condition, this overhaul can extend their usage further.
  • Polishing – Perk up the state of your car’s mags with a good buff. Restoring that showroom shine might be just the makeover you were looking for.  
  • Painting – Customising with a paint job is just as refreshing as a new set of wheels.

Tread Lightly

While you’re giving your car a facelift, you may as well take into consideration the state of your rubbers altogether.

Having your tyres and wheels regularly inspected is not just for their appearance, but a matter of safety for you and your passengers. Therefore, drivers need to keep a close eye on:

  • Worn down and uneven treads
  • Bubbles from pressure irregularities
  • Wear and tear from lack of tyre rotation
  • Pothole damage
  • Misaligned wheels
  • Worn shock absorbers also impact on the wear on your tyres

These have a direct effect on your car’s handling and traction on the road. As a result, catching any issues early can immediately improve your driving experience.

Attractive Armour

You don’t have to fork out large amounts of cash in order to achieve optimum on-road protection and a top- quality look for your vehicle. In fact, being safe has never looked this good. Whether you’re enquiring for a fix, buff or coat of paint, one of our wheel repair services is sure to accommodate your needs.

Contact TYRES & MORE ® to book your appointment today!