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Wheel Alignment

Put balance back into your car with TYRES & MORE® wheel alignment services that will ensure safe handling on the road.

Wheel alignment is an activity that involves re-aligning the angles of a car’s wheels, which reduces the amount of wear on tyres while ensuring that the vehicle doesn’t veer to one side. Wheel balancing and wheel alignment are often ignored when it comes to car maintenance, and TYRES & MORE® will take the hassle out of checking your wheel alignment by inspecting this for you.



How do you know if your wheel alignment should be checked?

If your car is showing any of these signs, come and visit a TYRES & MORE® store to test your wheel alignment:

  • Your car veers to one side while driving
  • Your tyres are wearing unevenly  
  • The steering wheel vibrates
  • You’ve recently hit a pothole or an obstruction
  • You’ve recently driven through a ditch
  • Driven more than 10 000km since your last wheel alignment check

Remember that wheels that are not aligned pose a danger to drivers and passengers. Not only does this affect your ability to steer properly, but can also affect tyre grip and your ability to react or perform an evasive manoeuvre. In an emergency, this can prove extremely hazardous. Wheels that are not aligned can even have an effect on your fuel consumption, not to mention overall tyre wear.

Your wheel alignment should ideally be checked every 10 000km; when new tyres are fitted; and when the suspension of your car had been changed. Further to this, if you hit a particularly bad pothole or obstruction in the road, you should come visit us to have them checked, just to be on the safe side. 

Visit a TYRES & MORE® store today and have your wheel alignment checked by one of our friendly, professional technicians in no time at all.


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Wheel Alignment