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Tyre Punctures and Repairs

A driver can’t always help tyre punctures, even for the most hardwearing tyre brands. South African roads, particularly during the rainy seasons, can cause havoc to your car tyres. That’s why you need a fitment centre that provides quality puncture repairs when the worst happens. TYRES & MORE® will ensure that your tyres are thoroughly inspected for punctures which are remedied by our friendly, professional team.

The most common reasons for tyre punctures include damaged wheels, a damaged valve system, and improper initial installation of the tyre. Using a patch is a quick fix, and it’s important for drivers to note that this is not a permanent solution. If you have a flat or damaged tyre, you need to bring it into a TYRES & MORE® store as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Flat tyres are most commonly caused by sharp objects puncturing the tyre, for example, nails and other debris on the road. Other causes for tyre punctures include damage to the valve, a collision and excessive wear to the tyre. Tyres also lose pressure over time and this is completely normal. Driving with a flat tyre, even for s short while, can cause irreparable damage to the wheel, and can cause an accident. 

Although it is nearly impossible to see if there’s a tyre puncture by just looking at the tyre, we can thoroughly inspect your tyre inside and out.

How to find out if your tyre needs puncture repair:

  • While you are driving, if you feel the steering wheel shuddering or becoming difficult to steer properly, there may be a puncture. Find a safe place to pull over to start your inspection.  
  • The first thing to do is look for an obvious puncture, such as a nail or other debris that may have punctured the tyre. These are much easier to find.
  • You can also try to listen or feel for the leak, which will sound like air escaping from the tyre and feel like light air on your hand.

Punctured tyres need special care, unfortunately, not all punctures are safe to repair, our professional team will always put your safety first when it comes to tyre puncture repairs.