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Tyre Balancing & Wheel Alignment

Tyre Balancing

Balance is key, in tyres as in life. Of course no one wheel or tyre will ever be 100% perfect, so it follows that when you put them together, their weight distribution won’t be either. If it’s especially bad, you’ll get instant feedback through the steering wheel in the form of vibration. Even if it’s not so extreme that you can feel it, imbalance will cause uneven tread wear.

Tyres are balanced by adding weights to the wheel to offset the imbalance and you should have this done every time you change or rotate a tyre or wheel, or get up close and personal with a pothole.

Wheel Alignment

If you’re driving on a perfectly flat road and your car pulls to either side when you take your hands off the steering wheel, then the chances are good that your wheel alignment is out and your tyres will be wearing unevenly. Severe misalignment is dangerous and will mean you literally have to fight your steering wheel to keep your car going straight!

Wheel alignment is achieved by adjusting your car’s suspension to ensure that all four wheels are perfectly aligned. It’s a sophisticated process that takes factors such as caster, camber, toe and ride height into account and requires hi-tech equipment. Luckily for you, TYRES & MORE ® has the equipment and the expertise to get this done in a jiffy.