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Tow Bar Maintenance

Improper fitment

Sure, it’s entirely possible that your buddy could fit your tow bar and save you a few bucks. It’s also entirely likely that you’ll lose more than a few bucks when your caravan, boat or trailer land up in a roadside ditch. As the saying goes, “goedkoop is duur koop.” Rather spend a few rands more and have it fitted properly and safely at TYRES & MORE ®.

Improper rating

Different tow bars have different applications and capacities. You’ll need a much higher capacity tow bar to tow a caravan than to tow a Venter trailer. But before you even get to that consideration, you need to ensure your vehicle has the capacity to tow the item you have in mind. Vehicle weight and towed weight both factor into the equation, as does the tow bar’s towing capacity. Failure to calculate this accurately can result in extreme damage to your vehicle, loss of whatever you're towing and be a danger to other motorists. Save yourself a major migraine and come let our trained technicians figure out and fit the best tow bar for the job.