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At TYRES & MORE ® , we want to ensure that all South African road users are travelling in secure and roadworthy vehicles. We do this by offering you several extra beneficial services, such as:

  • Wheel balancing - This is an imperative part in managing car safety. If your wheels are unevenly balanced, it can lead to increased fuel consumption and reduce the quality of your travels as a driver and a passenger. 
  • Rotations - We recommend this to prevent your tyres from wearing down prematurely, by swapping the front and rear treads around.
  • Puncture repair -Our technical experts are on hand at stores to give you advice on how to safely fix your puncture.
  • Minor services - Pertaining to the interior of your car's bonnet, this inspection includes oil and filter changes and checks on your brakes, shocks, wipers - at select stores only.

The following services on offer by TYRES & MORE®