Resolve to Keep Your Car in Shape in 2019

Start 2019 on a positive note by saving yourself from the cycle of guilt and regret that comes from failed New Year’s resolutions. Instead, set yourself up for success. Make a resolution you can stick to, like keeping your car in shape, which is just as important as eating healthy and exercising is for you, only much easier to achieve.

Maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle in shape. Take it for regular minor servicing that includes an oil change, fluid top-ups and general safety inspection. Think of it like a doctor’s checkup, except Tyres & More© doesn’t keep you waiting as long as some doctors do!

When it comes to wheels and tyres, aim to achieve the type of balance that will make a yogi proud. Check them regularly and have them rotated, balanced and aligned as needed to ensure their optimal performance. Think of this like going to the gym and working out to tighten up those wobbly bits, only your car won’t whine, moan and make excuses like you do. Bonus – unlike at the gym, the other cars won’t check your car skeef and judge its shape and lifting capacity. #winning

See, just like that you finally have a New Year’s resolution you can keep. You’re welcome!