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Ensure a longer life for your vehicle's tyres and improved road handling with TYRES & MORE® nitrogen top-ups.

As a specialist tyre (and more) dealer, TYRES & MORE® provides our customers with nitrogen refills for their tyres, which has enormous benefit to drivers, including improved vehicle handling, increasing the life of tyres and stabilising tyre pressure.

Nitrogen is a relatively recent trend for passenger cars, and in the past was used for specialist vehicles such as racing cars, aircrafts and those employed for heavy commercial use. Recently, however, it has become popular for passenger vehicle use because nitrogen molecules have reduced permeability, and as a result, stay in the tyre for longer; where gasses like oxygen are highly permeable and migrate out of the tyre more easily.   

Benefits of using nitrogen for your car tyres:
  • Nitrogen is less likely to transfer through the tyre than oxygen is
  • It stabilises tyre pressure over a longer period of time
  • Increases the life of tyres
  • Tyres run cooler when inflated with nitrogen than oxygen
  • It reduces corrosion due to lack of moisture in the nitrogen
  • Maintains better grip on the roads
  • It even minimises fuel consumption
Filling your tyres up with nitrogen can significantly enhance tyre life and will also improve road handling. These are just some of many reasons to visit TYRES & MORE® and get your tyres filled.