Myths and Facts - Windscreen Wisdom

Windscreen Wisdom

If you had to rank the components on your car in order of their impact on safety, where would you rank the windscreen? Ha! Didn’t even think of the windscreen, did you? It’s the last thing to occur to most people. Yet, if you can’t see where you’re going, you won’t be driving anywhere, safely or otherwise. 

Windscreen care tips: 

  1. Keep it clean. Obvious right? You’d think so… Besides being a safety hazard, a dirty windscreen wears out your wiper blades faster.  
  2. Wiper blades wear out. Extreme heat and cold take a toll on the flexible rubber, causing it to harden, crack and become ineffective. Replace wiper blades twice a year for best results.
  3. Safely remove ice. If you park outside in winter, sooner or later a cold snap will deposit a layer of ice on your windscreen. Do not pour boiling water on it. It’s simple science – a dramatic change in temperature may cause the glass to crack. Instead, switch on the demister to gradually warm the glass, and use an ice scraper to remove the ice.
  4. Repair or replace. Repair small windscreen cracks quickly to prevent them spreading, and if they’re too big to be repaired, replace the windscreen immediately. The windscreen supports the weight of your car’s roof, providing as much as 70% of the structural integrity that prevents the roof from caving in during a roll-over.

Did you know that select Tyres & More fitment centres offer windscreen replacements, while all can fit new wiper blades while you wait?