Myths and Facts - Let’s Bust Some Myths About Shocks

Facts Over Fiction – Let’s Bust Some Myths About Shocks

The shocking truth (see what we did there?) about shock absorbers is that most people have no idea what their purpose is and as a result there are more than a few half-truths out there posing as facts. Fear not, good people, it’s Tyres & More to the rescue! 

Myth:    Shocks are purely for ride-comfort.  
Truth:    Actually no. Shocks are an essential part of the suspension and work to stabilise your vehicle and keep the wheels in contact with the road so you can steer and brake effectively, making them pretty important in the grand scheme of things.

Myth:    Shocks have to be replaced every 50 000 km.
Truth:    Usually not. You’ll be happy to know that most shocks last for about 80 000 km and some for twice as long. It all depends on the quality of the shocks and the strain you typically place them under. Make a “note to self” to stop off-roading your compact car… 

Myth:    New shocks will make my vehicle ride “softer” or more comfortable.
Truth:    They might, but they certainly can’t do it alone. Instead, ride-comfort depends on a combination of factors including wheel and tyre size, tyre pressure, the wheel-base (shorter = rougher), suspension type, the type of terrain you’re driving over, and more besides.

Finally, if your vehicle starts to shimmy and shake or the nose begins to dip under braking, don’t crank up the music and dance along with it… Instead, head to your nearest Tyres & More and let us check out your shocks right away. #safetyfirst