Myths and Facts - Let’s Bust Some Brake Myths

Facts Over Fiction – Let’s Bust Some Brake Myths 

Your friendly Tyres & More pit crew put our heads together to decide which are the addled “facts” we hear most in the pitlane, or fitment centre. We present, for your amusement and education, our top three brake myths: 

Myth:    Wet brakes increase your braking distance in wet weather.
Truth:    Nope. It’s the tyres and not the brakes you can thank. As rain loosens oil from the tar, the road surface becomes slippery, causing tyres to lose traction. Worn tyres will also increase your braking distance, because there’s not enough tread to adequately evacuate water. 

Myth:    Brakes need to warm up to work.
Truth:    You’ve been watching too much motorsport; step away from the TV... Seriously, brakes work just fine whether cold or hot. So, while Lewis Hamilton does need to warm his brakes, you’re off the hook. 

Myth:    Slotted or drilled brake discs work better on ordinary cars than normal discs.
Truth:    Sure… Why not also drill holes in the bonnet to release heat from the engine, while you’re at it? Again, not unless you’re putting that baby on the track on Sundays. Plain old brake discs don’t look as cool, but they work just fine for everyday driving.  

There you have it, don’t lend your ears out, because when you mention brakes, suddenly everyone’s a mechanic… Ask us instead, we’ll give it to you straight and, jokes aside, we always put #safetyfirst.