Myths and Facts - How to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Battery

How to Maintain Your Vehicle’s Battery

Nowadays most batteries are of the sealed or maintenance-free variety, but does this truly mean there’s no maintenance required? Not exactly. There’s still some work needed to keep your automotive battery in tip-top shape.

These three things are key:

1. Clean the terminals. Corrosion is common and is a byproduct of current flowing through two dissimilar metals and not the result of leaking “battery acid” as many think. Make a paste using bicarbonate of soda and water, disconnect the clamps from the terminals, then clean off the corrosion using the paste and a wire brush. Clean terminals make for a better connection and reliable starting power.

2. Add water. If your battery has removable plug covers on top, that’s your clue that you should check the water levels periodically. Remove the cover and check inside the cells – the water should come to the fill line If not, use a dropper and distilled (not tap water!) water to top-up the cells that need it. Even maintenance-free batteries need topping up from time to time.

3. Eyeball inspection. Routinely check your battery to see that it’s not bulging due to overheating, that it’s tightly fastened and that all the appropriate leads are attached.

There’s nothing worse than being stranded with a dead battery and feeling powerless… We know, we know, and still we couldn’t resist the pun. Remember, battery checks are always FREE at Tyres & More and if all this maintenance sounds like hard work, then leave it to us.