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Minor Service

At TYRES & MORE ® we know that routine vehicle maintenance is key to longevity and safety in your investment. That's
why our technicians and fitment specialists are thorough and detailed in their inspections when you book your car in for a minor
service.  Available at selected stores only.

For your Safety

In the interest of vehicle safety and car maintenance, your car should go in for a routine check-up every 10 000kms. It's through these inspections that professionals can detect potential hazards or worn down parts in your vehicle. Neglecting to service your car makes it vulnerable to bigger and more costly repairs in the
near future.

The TYRES & MORE ® minor service includes:
  • Oil change - This is vital to the longevity of your engine as it lubricates the moving parts. Over time the oil breaks down and wears out, leaving individual components more susceptible to damage.
  • Filter change - As air is required for an engine to operate, its' imperative that the air is as clean as possible. If not, you run the risk of accumulating dust and debris in the filter, which can cause poor performance in your car. 
Additionally, our fitment technicians also inspect and replace other parts, paying close attention to your:
  • Brakes       
  • Battery       
  • Shocks       
  • Tyres       
  • Wipers
Best of all, TYRES & MORE ® stores nationwide stock the products you need should you be required to replace a part. That way we ensure that your vehicle is sufficiently serviced with safe, reliable branded parts.

Don't wait until it's too late. Book your vehicle in at a selected TYRES & MORE store ® for a professional minor service.

Minor Services