I Am a Woman, Watch Me Drive!

Women are better drivers than men. Fact. Don't believe it? Ask any short-term insurer and they'll tell you the stats support this fact. So, yay women! Yay us! 

What makes us so amazing at well frankly everything, is our openness to advice and information. Unlike members of the opposite sex, we're not embarrassed to stop and ask for directions. Got driving tips to make life better and driving safer? Bring it! 

 On that note, and in celebration of Women's Day, a group of women at TYRES & MORE® got together and brainstormed these helpful tips to share with you:

- Driving in heels is a no-no, and not just because the heel could get caught on the mat and cause you to over-accelerate or under-brake, but also because driving will scuff your shoes, turning your Jimmy Choos into Jimmy Whos? Keep a pair of driving flats in the boot. 

- Drive with your handbag in the boot. We hate to bring up crime while we're having fun, but smash and grabs only happen when there's something to grab. 

Use sunscreen on your hands (and face) to prevent sun-spots and premature aging. You'd be surprised how much sun you get while driving! 

- Do not text and drive. Forget multitasking, no text is worth dying for.  It can wait. 

- Be tyre savvy - always keep them properly inflated, check tread regularly for uneven wear and foreign objects, and don't forget the spare. Pro tip: inflate tyres with nitrogen and they will run up to 20% cooler, stay inflated for longer, and last longer.  

- Pay attention to your braking distance at various speeds. We don't want you to end up in the boot of the driver ahead of you. Just like your shoes, your cars brakes also wear down, bring your car in for us to check...  

- If your car becomes bouncy to drive, sways in the corners and sends bad vibrations through the steering wheel, chances are your shocks need some love. Have them checked immediately. Left unchecked, bad shocks will make your tyres wear out too, resulting in a real shock at the cash register!

- Our final and most important tip is this - just keep being you! The reason women are statistically better drivers has a lot to do with our lack of aggression on the roads. Stay cool, stay kind, stay patient, and stay alive.

Need tyres, wheels, brakes, shocks, wiper blades, and more? Your local TYRES & MORE® fitment centre has more of the products and services you need and will fit them in time for you to get on with important life things and you'll leave with more change in your pocket. 

Happy Women's Day!