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TYRES & MORE® is the latest addition to the TiAuto Investments stable and is positioned as a fresh alternative to existing franchise offers in the South African marketplace.

TYRES & MORE ® offers unprecedented support and value to potential franchisees. We have a genuine interest in the success of your business and have structured our centralised head office operation in a franchisee-centric manner, dedicating resources to help you achieve your business objectives profitably and efficiently.


Refined for almost half a century, credible and trusted systems form the foundation of TYRES & MORE®. Our well-resourced head office operation offers extensive support to potential franchisees by providing open access to centralised group services functions such as Marketing, Finance, IT, Procurement, Property development and Human Resources. These integrated support structures are backed by decades of industry-specific management expertise which thoroughly enhances the sustainability of the TYRES & MORE® business model by empowering franchise owners to focus on growing their businesses while we take care of your organizational infrastructure needs.


Interested in a TYRES & MORE® franchise?
Next steps:

Advise the TYRES & MORE® team of your intention to proceed with a formal application.


  Please contact

  Franchise Executive: André Bole
  Email Address: [email protected]

  • A franchise application form will be sent to you for completion. Please complete the application form and submit all requested supporting documentation.
  • Upon receipt of all requested documentation, a feasibility study will be initiated (feasibility check, cash flow analysis, assessment of proposed premises, etc.).
  • The outcome of the feasibility study will determine the success of the application.

Herewith a summary of what you can look forward to as a TYRES & MORE® franchisee:

Increased business security under a national franchise banner:

The harsh reality of operating as a business in today’s economy is that consumers are becoming more and more circumspect with their disposable income. Consumers want safe and affordable service from credible, branded retail establishments with a national presence offering good value for money. Reliable and convenient aftersales backup also plays a major role in the decision-making of today’s consumers and the uncertainty of dealing with independent, stand-alone entities are making it more and more difficult for independent retailers to weather the economic storm.


Fortunately, TYRES & MORE® is geared toward becoming one of South Africa’s most recognised fitment centre brands. With a planned retail footprint spanning Southern Africa, the strength of our collective network will build trust in the minds of consumers, establishing consumer confidence and stamping our authority in the automotive fitment industry. This type of brand visibility can only bode well for TYRES & MORE® franchisees, as the reputation of the brand translates into profitable growth for business owners.


Consulting advice from experienced professionals:

Thanks to the relationship with TiAuto, TYRES & MORE® franchisees have direct access to industry best practice, transforming more than 40 years of experience into your personal knowledge database.


More brands, more choice:

TYRES & MORE® offers a multi-branded product opportunity, giving franchisees the freedom to buy a broader range of brands within different product categories. This empowers you to help your customer with a brand that suits their application, as well as their pocket.



Economies of scale:

Franchisees stand to benefit from the favourable buying power of the TiAuto group. Through group procurement initiatives, TYRES & MORE® franchisees can be assured that they’re getting great prices on the right stock, as well as great value deals on a range of value-added products and services, making your business more competitive on numerous levels. Discounted rates can be obtained on various goods and services, including PCs, printers, laptops, consumables such as valves and wheel weights, as well as discounted merchant fees and terminals from Financial Institutions.




Franchisees receive access to comparative performance figures within the greater TYRES & MORE® group, allowing business owners to gauge their own performance relative to other stores in similar operating environments.


Marketing support:

Our in-house marketing department has a proven track record when it comes to nurturing uncultivated or new brands, turning them into nationally recognised entities. Through the strategic use of above-the-line and below-the-line marketing we drive consumer awareness and turn your store into a glowing beacon for customers in need of fitment services. More feet through your doors - our number one priority! All marketing activities are carefully recorded. It is your right at any time to request from management what your marketing contribution is being spent on.


Customised IT system:

The appropriate use of technology can be a legitimate source of competitive advantage for any business. With the tailor-made IT system designed for all TYRES & MORE® stores, franchisees are guaranteed to have the edge over their industry counterparts. Our IT department readily provides expert support for all your IT needs, playing an integral role in keeping you online when it matters most.


The TYRES & MORE® network is a nationally integrated system which allows each franchisee to view the stockholding of other TYRES & MORE® stores around the country. At the click of a button, this powerful feature supplies you with the knowledge of which stores have what stock, helping you satisfy your customers with fast and efficient service. Additional functionality of this highly customized system include an integrated finance & accounting application, as well as uniform pricing structures for national fleet deals put together by TYRES & MORE® head office. In a world where IT prowess is a key differentiator, TYRES & MORE® has a unique advantage with over 40 years of development wisdom and features too many to mention. Continuous development ensures that you are kept ahead of the IT curve at all times.


Fleet & national debtors:

As a TYRES & MORE® franchisee, you can be certain that we’re always searching for prospects to strengthen your business. Through our national fleet department and strategic partnership unit, we’re constantly forming relationships with major corporations to secure commercial agreements that create sales opportunities for your store. For example, we often negotiate national pricing for major fleet companies, where these partners pay standardised prices for goods and services purchased from TYRES & MORE®, regardless of which store they visit in South Africa. We are able to make such undertakings due to the strength of our nationally integrated IT system, which ensures nationwide pricing uniformity for certain debtors.



A company is only as strong as the people who make it tick. Our centralised training department offers a comprehensive suite of both technical and non-technical courses for TYRES & MORE® employees. Various teaching methodologies are applied across multiple learning platforms, encouraging learners to grow and develop using interactive teaching methods. In addition to face-to-face classroom training and practical hands-on assessments, TYRES & MORE® employees have access to e-Learning, a brilliant online tool designed to give learners access to training material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users simply require an internet connection and valid user account and they are able to learn new skills at their leisure. Online assessments are tracked to determine which employees have completed which courses, recording a comprehensive skills development audit trail. Just another way we’re uplifting, up-skilling, and upgrading our employees.


Xpress Credit:

Is your customer unable to purchase tyres from you because he’s low on cash? Not to worry! TYRES & MORE® will provide flexible credit solutions for your customers in the form of Xpress Credit. Extended payment terms with income-related credit limits give your customers what they need, when they need it, ensuring that you make the sale and retain your customer for future fitment center purchases.