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Exhausts and more… our service experts will advise you on your exhaust system. The friendly TYRES & MORE ® team will reliably and safely replace your exhaust system at a competitive price, providing you with the optimum exhaust that best suits your needs. TYRES & MORE® offers a full service auto fitment centre when it comes to tyres, batteries, shocks, brakes and more… and we offer the leading brands.

If your petrol-chugging family car sounds like a diesel truck, it could be that your exhaust has given up the ghost.

Relax! TYRES & MORE® can repair broken exhausts systems and also sells and fits a complete range of exhausts from Bosal, one of the world’s most respected exhaust brands, as well as top quality tail pipes from F1-X.

In case the question keeps you up at night, let’s quickly clear up what it is that your exhaust system does. The exhaust is essentially your car’s chimneystack. It channels the noxious gases and fumes safely away from your vehicle, so you don’t inhale them directly, which leads us onto an important point: if your vehicle cabin smells odorous, it could be that your exhaust has failed, and you should get here pronto and let us check it out.

Your tail pipe is a part of the exhaust system and is what you see poking out at the rear of your car. Apart from being the functional part that deposits the gases away from your vehicle, it is also a really neat item to customise!

Exhausts and tail pipes are available at select stores only.