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Car Battery Maintenance

At TYRES & MORE® we know the importance of efficient and reliable products for your vehicle. That's why we stock leading name brands in automotive batteries, to make sure that you don't run out of power when you need it most. Whether your current unit is running low and needs to be replaced or you want to keep a spare on-hand, we have a solution for you.

Start Your Engines
When it comes to car batteries and inspections are the key to long-lasting power. Our fitment technicians can inspect your vehicle to ensure that the power source is running at optimum capacity, without leaks or corrosion. Should it need to be replaced, we keep leading automotive batteries for different vehicles and battery sizes in stock:
  • ATLASBX SMF - This sealed, maintenance free car battery has an enveloped separator which delivers low electrical resistance. Additionally, with increased durability thanks to the ultra-micro fibres, you are sure to receive a safe and reliable ignition.

  • ATLASBX AGM - With a 24 month warranty, these batteries are ideal for larger vehicles that require more power, such as SUV's, bakkies and trucks. These highly sought after units are an ideal replacement for your OE.

  • Duracell - Whether you're driving a passenger or luxury car, this brand is renowned for its ability to deliver maximum performance. These sealed, maintenance free units are available in several models to accommodate your type of vehicle.

Jumpstarting Your Car Battery

Besides being the most frustrating thing you never want to do, jumpstarting a battery can be downright dangerous. Batteries contain sulphuric acid and when overcharged (via jumpstarting) produce hydrogen gas. If the battery is not properly sealed and incorrect jumpstarting causes a spark, the gas will ignite and the battery will explode and spew acid.

Sound unlikely? Every year, in the US alone, more than 6,000 people suffer eye injuries and sometimes blindness because they didn’t get the jumpstarting right the first time.

Moral of the story?

1) Don’t let your battery die in the first place.

2) If it does, read the jumpstarting instructions thoroughly.

3) Get a sealed, maintenance-free battery from TYRES & MORE®.