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Car Aircon Regassing

Need to have your aircon re-gassed. TYRES & MORE® now offers aircon re-gassing at our fitment centres across South Africa.

Did you know that your vehicle can lose up to 10% of gas a year? There's nothing worse than a stuffy, bad-smelling aircon. With TYRES & MORE® aircon re-gassing, you can keep your car air conditioner fresh and reliable so that you can cool down the right way in summer, and warm up properly in winter.  

Ideally, car owners should have their air conditioning systems checked every 18 months to maintain the system's effectiveness. If you haven't had your aircon re-gassed in a while or didn't know to ask when you had your last service, it's important that you bring it in for us to check. TYRES & MORE® will refill it for you with zero hassle and in no time. Aircon re-gassing will make your car air conditioner run more smoothly, and much fresher for longer.   

Remember that aircon re-gassing isn't part of normal service plans, so bring your car into your nearest

TYRES & MORE® for one of our fast, friendly fitment specialists to sort out your air conditioner.

*Available at selected stores only.

Aircon Regassing