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Balancing Tyres

Tyre balancing is vital for the safety of your car, and its passengers. Visit TYRES & MORE® today for expert balancing services.

Don't compromise the safety and longevity of your car by ignoring tyre balancing. Balanced tyres can make the difference between a pleasant, smooth driving experience and an unsafe, negative one. 

When your tyres are not balanced, many issues can arise. Your vehicle will start to shudder when a speed of 60km is reached, your steering wheel will start to vibrate and your car may veer to one side. All of this results in a very poor ride quality, and can even increase your fuel consumption. Having tyre balance checked, especially if you are about to embark on a long journey, is vital for vehicle safety.

Symptoms and effects of unbalanced tyres:

  • Steering wheel shudder and vehicle vibration
  • Poor ride quality
  • Excessive wear on tyres, bearings, shocks and other suspension components
  • Increased fuel consumption.

If you are experiencing tyre balance problems, it could be very costly if left unchecked, not to mention potentially dangerous. When you start to notice symptoms of tyre imbalance, get to a TYRES & MORE® store to have them tested by our fast, friendly fitment team.