A Change is as Good as a Holiday

Seasons change, people change, chameleons change multiple times in a day, which is almost as often as politicians change their tunes. So, isn’t it time you get onboard and Make the Change? “What change?” you ask, we mean making the responsible motoring safety changes. 

Start by changing to Tyres & More®; an experience so uplifting you’ll be inspired to change your outlook on vehicle and driving safety. This in turn will lead you to changing more of the things that matter most, when it matters most, like tyres, shocks, batteries, brakes and more.

Because the good guys at Tyres & More® live to delight you, you’ll find that important safety checks like a Safety Check (duh), Battery Check and Tyre Check are all FREE of charge. If you can’t change for free, gratis and mahala, then we need to talk.

As your change continues, you’ll develop ninja-like skills in the “making good choices department.” Soon, you’ll have a multifunctional jump starter in your boot, like the Jump JMP12 that also lets you charge your mobile phone and 12-volt devices and has a built-in emergency LED flashlight. Next, your tyres will be fitted with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors, so you’ll be alerted to low pressure before it causes rapid tyre wear, possible tyre failure, or increases your petrol consumption. Before you know it, you’ll be so up to standard you’ll have changed to McGard Wheel Locks to prevent theft of your prized alloy wheels. 

Now, if that’s not enough to convince you to change, then consider that top-notch service at Tyres & More is so affordable, you’ll leave with change in your pocket.